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How To Setup User Access

There are two ways you can provide user access to Faddom via LDAP or with local users configured in the UI.

To connect your LDAP to Faddom when installed on Linux please see our Connecting Faddom to LDAP On Linux guide. For Windows, integrated Windows authentication is built in and is managed via AD groups. See the below guide on creating groups

Creating A Role

  1. Go to Settings > Access Control

  2. You can set Roles in the Faddom UI by clicking on Roles > New Role

  3. You need to provide a name for the role, then select the permissions you want to grant, either full or partial for each feature. To see the sub-roles available for each feature click on the sign and select whether this role applies to All Application Maps or Specific Application Maps

  4. To use Active Directory roles with Faddom, you create a role with the name in the format $DOMAIN$\$AD GROUP NAME$ and provide the required permissions. You will then need to add a local user with the same username as the LDAP user and the group just created. The AD password will override the local password set.

  5. Click Save and you should see the new role in the list

Creating A Local User 

  1. Click on Users > New User

  2. Provide a username, password, and one or more roles.mceclip0.png

  3. Press Save and the new user will now show
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