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Discovering NTP Connections

What Is NTP?

NTP is a two-way protocol based on the UDP protocol. It was designed in 1981 and is one of the oldest protocols of the TCP/IP stack still in use. It stands for Network Time Protocol and is used to synchronize the time on servers throughout the world.

How Does Faddom Treat NTP?

Faddom shows a connection between an NTP server and your designated NTP server. As it is a UDP based protocol, there is no session being formed, and Faddom will show both directions of the connection separately. All NTP requests and their replies are all on the same port, unlike most of the other protocols that have a random source port number and a fixed destination port.

There are several providers of global NTP servers that your systems may be connected to including NTP Pool Project, NIST, and Google Public Time Servers. You can see a list of the most common servers in this GitHub repository
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