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How to Deploy A Sensor via Faddom UI

You will need to deploy sensors on each ESXI host if you have standard switches or if you want full traffic (including SSL Certificates) which NetFlow does not provide. This guide shows how to deploy them via the Faddom UI

  1. Go to Settings > Data Sources > VMware

  2. Perform VMware discovery by entering your vCenter credentials. You can refer to our What are the required vCenter permissions? guide for a list of the exact permissions needed for Sensor deployment

  3. Once discovery has been completed, it will ask if you wish to use NetFlow (for distributed switches only) Sensors tab. You can select one or both options depending on your environment, to continue with the sensor deployment, select Sensor Deployment only

  4. Select the Content Library Datastore for storing the sensor template

  5. Select the ESXi hosts you wish to deploy a sensor on and enter the information
    • IP Address - IP address to be allocated to the sensor
    • Port Group - Port group for the sensor NIC to be connected to
    • Datastore - The Datastore of where to save the sensor VM data
      • If you wish to further customize the sensor deployment network settings, you can click on the Advanced icon - at the end of the row where you will shown the below screen. You will then have two options

        1. Apply Network Settings will copy the settings from the first row. The IP addresses will be sequential. If you know an IP address is in use, you can manually change it
        2. Advanced Network Settings allows you to customize the network settings if you do not want to use the defaults or if Faddom is unable to define these automatically

          sensor deployment.gif

  6. Once you are happy with the configuration, click Continue to begin the sensor deployment and you will see the deployment status update. You can also follow this process in the vCenter console

  7. Once completed, you will be notified in the Faddom UI and within a few minutes you will start seeing the data from the Sensor
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