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What Can I See on the Dashboard?


When you login into Faddom, you will be taken to your Dashboard. Here you can see in a quick overview any updates and critical information about your environment. You can see at the top a summary of your devices and further information.

Status Bar

This will tell you the number of virtual machines, cloud instances, and network information detected by Faddom.

Configuration Status

This shows the current status of Faddom and will provide you with information to keep Faddom at its optimal.  See Configuration Status of the Faddom Server for further information

Topology Changes

This will provide notifications on any changes to your maps.


This will provide a total number of recommended Optimizations for your environment.

Security Insights

This shows anything detected that may affect security in your environment. as well as a link to the Security Dashboard including

Application Maps

This shows you any updates to the Application Maps feature, including changes to existing maps and newly built maps, along with how long ago the event happened. In addition, you have the New Map button which takes you directly to the New Application Maps screen

Inventory Updates

This shows any updates to your environment, and you can select to see these per the last Day, Week, or Month (the default). This shows the information on changes to 

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