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How to Use the Multi-Tenancy

Faddom's multi-tenancy feature allows you to manage multiple licenses from one installation of Faddom. This is useful in the following scenarios to allow better management of your environment

  • MSPs with multiple customers using Faddom who wish to use one install of Faddom.
  • Multiple environments that you wish to view separately
  • Multiple environments with overlapping IP ranges. 


In order to use the Multi-Tenancy feature, you will need to deploy a proxy in the target environments and ensure that there is a connection between the Faddom server managing the accounts, and the proxies where the data to be mapped is. You can see our Server Installation - Proxy Installation guide on how to install the Faddom proxy.

Multi-Tenancy is a license-based feature, and if you require it, please email info@faddom.com and the Sales team will discuss your need.

Once you have access, you need to do the following to use it - 

  1. Click on the Multi-Tenancy dropdown box in the top right. The first account is called Default 
    and you will also see any others listed
  2. To add/edit/remove a tenant click on Manage

  3. Click Create New and provide a name for the next Faddom instance

  4. You will then see this in the drop-down where you can select it

  5. Follow our How to Add Data Sources to Faddom guide to add your customer's data sources

  6. From any page, you can change tenant and the page will refresh and display the data for that particular tenant.
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