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Configuration Status of the Faddom Server

Faddom has the ability to report on the configuration to make sure it is running correctly, optimised and with the latest version. It will show you alerts in the top right as per the below example. 

Alert Types

Proxy Server

Proxy server PROXYNAME has not communicated since DATE. Some discovery capabilities may be limited. For assistance in resolving this, please see Troubleshooting Proxy Error Messages 

Failure to run

Failed to run X please check the configuration.

Data Sources Configuration

No data sources have been configured - connect your data sources so that they can be mapped. See How to Deploy Faddom

Sensor Connection

Failed to communicate with sensor NAME - Last communication at DATE. To resolve issues with sensors, please see Sensors Management

New Version Available

There is a new version of Faddom available. See our guide Upgrading the Faddom Server to perform the upgrade

VMware Discovery

Netflow is not configured for all the port groups in vCenter.

Sensors have not been deployed on all of the hosts in vCenter. Some traffic may be missing

For assistance in resolving these issues, please see How to Enable Traffic Collection in VMware

Faddom Server Resources

This will alert if the disk space of the Faddom server reaches 70%. To provide more resources, you will need to do so from your hypervisor. For vCenter deployments, you need to perform additional seteps once this is done.. See How to increase the size of the database disk on the Faddom virtual appliance?

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