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How To Reset The SSH Password of the Faddom Server

If Faddom is installed in your vCenter and is running on our OVA, then the below procedure can be used to reset the password of the SSH user.

Instructions for Oracle Linux are below. See the CentOS for resetting on other versions of Faddom

Oracle Linux 9 - Faddom User

  1. Reboot the server from vCenter and open Remote Console as SSH is not available during boot
  2. Enter editor mode by pressing e
  3. On the linux line: Remove all console=  and vconsole=  key=value pairs, if they exist (common in VM installations). Add init=/bin/bash/code to the end of the line. Press Ctrl x to continue.
  4. Press Ctrl x to continue.
  5. At the bash-5.1# prompt, enter the mount -oremount,rw / command to remount the system’s root as read/write
  6. Enter the passwd faddom
  7. Enter the new password and confirm it
  8. Update selinux information touch /.autorelabel

  9. Reboot the system with /usr/sbin/reboot -f

CenOS7 - ROOT User

  1. In the Boot Grub Menu Select Option to Edit

  2. Select the option to edit by codessing e

  3. Go to the line 16 and replace ro with rw init=/sysroot/bin/sh

  4. codess Control+x to start in single user mode

  5. Access the system with this command
    chroot /sysroot  
  6. Enter the password command then follow the onscreen prompts to reset the password
  7. Update selinux information
    touch /.autorelabel  
  8. Exit the editor exit
  9. Reboot your system
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