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Release Notes Highlights - v2023.1

New Applications Maps Screens
  • A simpler and more intuitive way to create application maps
  • Create and manage local and global filters
  • In-map color legend and tools
  • New properties screen


  New Search - Search for Anything
  • Automated search suggestions based on user input.
  • The new search allows the user to search for servers, connections, subnets, applications, and more.
  • Advanced search capabilities to search for servers based on any criteria.
  • Improved search speed & performance.


Support software discovery for Windows-based servers

Faddom is now able to detect the installed software also on a Windows-based server.

This will require server credentials to conduct the SW discovery.


Collect Details on Which Processes Initiated Which Connections

Adding a deeper dependency layer when Faddom is granted to collect the installed software on Linux / Windows-based servers.

New Dashboard Tweaks Features
    • Dashboard Configuration Status - to provide instant alerts on the Faddom server configuration:
      • Low disk space
      • Data sources configuration
      • Sensors status
      • NetFlow configuration
      • The version is up to date

      • Quick Access Resource Center
        • Support Portal
        • Video Tutorials
        • Blog Posts
        • Referral Program
New Area Selection Tool

New tool for area selection to simply choose multiple map items for group-related actions.


New Compare View

New events bar to allow simple navigation through changes in applications over time


Server Charts
  • Complete new view of the server charts -
  • Simple navigation between multiple charts types
  • Export capabilities to an xlsx format (graphs included)
  • Total traffic counter is now available for each graph


New Properties Panel
  • Quick access to server properties directly from an application map.
  • Get a full overview of each server without having to leave the map screen.
  • Server properties - New SSL Certificate field.


Improved Connection Behavior Graph

The connection behavior graph now includes the top connections that had the most traffic in a specific timeframe

Updated Inventory Screen

Software components have moved from the Maps to the Inventory screen.

Download a Support Bundle

A new option is now available for exporting all required logs to Faddom Support without manually copying and pasting them.

This feature will help every user engage with the support team and receive faster responses to any issues that may arise.

Additional Features
  • Export discovered SW components.
  • Quick access to the latest release notes - under “My Account”.
  • Add Protocol name to export - Application Maps
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