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The Inventory tab allows you, at a glance, to see a list of servers per environment, as well as the types of servers in your environment. This gives you great insight into your environment without having to go between your hyper-visor/cloud account and Faddom.

To see this information you select Inventory from the main sidebar.


From here, are automatically shown the Data Sources category, but you can select, Server Types, or Software



Data Sources

From here, you select the environment you are discovering. If you are discovering VMware or Hyper-V environments, you will see it listed per host with some general information. In addition, for VMware, you have the VMware Network Coverage Checkup where you will be able to see how individual servers are providing the traffic to Faddom (i.e. NetFlow or Sensors).


Kubernetes list your clusters and display the number of services, nodes, and pods, as well as any errors in discovery.


IP Groups will show you a list of objects with multiple NICs including servers and load balancers. It is also possible to manually define them on this screen. Clicking on the plus icon will show a list of each IP in the group. See our article IP Groups for more information.


Server Types

This displays a list of servers per service defined here. View our article on Server Types for more information



This allows you to use to see the running services/software on any server that Faddom has access to. To see more information and instructions on how to set this up, please see our r Software Discovery guide.

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