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How to Use My Account

My Account allows you to have a quick view of the details of your account and export required logs in case you need any assistance from our support team

To access this information you click on the letter in the top right (Note: this changes depending on the user logged in) then click on My Account as per the example below, and this will show you the My Account dialogue box.

My account.gif

Here you can see the following information

  • The Faddom version installed
  • The full username of the current logged in user
  • License details
    • Servers shows how many servers have been detected out of the total number allowed for your current license
  • License activation & expiration dates
  • Company name

Additionally from here you can select Update License if you have received a new license or if the Faddom team have updated your license for any reason and the server does not have internet access (if it has internet access refreshing the screen with F5 will update it). You can refer to our guide on How to Activate Your License Online and Offline for instructions.

Exporting Logs

If you experience unusual or unexpected behavior, you may be asked by the support team to provide the logs. In order to export them easily, you will need to access the My Account screen as above then click on Server Logs  in the middle then at the top click Download Logs. This will download a zip file with all the logs and other information to be able to provide support.



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