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Webhooks Integration


If you are using tools that allow you to create webhooks, Faddom can use them to publish notifications ensuring that you do not miss anything and can be alerted immediately when a notification is triggered.

To do so, you can follow the below guide. As an example, we have used Slack slack.png

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Notification Channels

  2. Click on New Channel then select Custom Webhook from the options

  3. In order to generate this from Slack, you need to Create a Slack application
    1. From Slack application go to File > Settings > Applications to open the Slack API webpage

    2. Click Create New App > From Scratch
    3. Provide a name for your application and choose your workspace
    4. Select Incoming Webhooks and enable them

    5. Click Install to Workspace then select the channel you wish to publish the notifications to

    6. From the menu on the left-hand side select Install App then under the Webhook URLs for Your Workspace copy the URL

  4. Enter the URL of the webhook including any query parameters you may need

  5. Select the media type to use for the body of the webhook message (in most cases this will be application/json)

  6. Enter the format of the body of the message that Faddom will send. You can use any of the available placeholders which Faddom will replace with the relevant information per the notification being sent.

  7. You can add any custom HTTP headers you may require in the Header parameters section.

  8. In any of the above fields, you can use Placeholders that Faddom will replace before sending the notification.

    As an example 

    {"text":"date: $time$\nMessage: $message$\nFrom: $sender$"}
  9. Click Save and you will then see the webhook listed
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