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Release Notes Highlights - v2023.2

GCP Right-Sizing Support
  • Faddom can now suggest sizing for VMs based on Google Cloud instance details and pricing. This can be helpful for migration projects to the Google Cloud.




Software Inventory
  • A new design for software discovery inventory includes a newsettings page for a simpler way to define and run the software discovery.




Group External IP Addresses by ASN
  • Added a default filter option in application maps that will group all public IPs together in a map with the same ASN.
  • Clicking on the ASN should allow seeing the specific IP addresses that the servers are accessing



Support for vCenter 8
  • Official Faddom support for vCenter v8 is now available. 


  • In addition to sending messages to SNMP and email, Faddom now supports webhooks to allow additional integrations and much more flexibility for almost any required integration. See Sending Notifications via Webhooks



New email templates for Faddom alerts

The new template includes a detailed view with an improved look and feel.



Data Source Configuration
  • Support mixed configuration in VMware deployment.
  • Support environments that are covered partially by NetFlow and partially require Sensor Deployment


Sensor Deployment Quick Configure Option

Apply settings to multiple sensors at once to allow simplified configuration




Advanced Search - Save Query

- Faddom allows you to save a search query for later use. This could be useful when using the advanced search for more complex queries that you would like to run occasionally. 



New dashboard “Security insights” view 

Get your security insights directly from the dashboard with simpler navigation.



Add multiple email addresses for Faddom notifications 

To define multiple email addresses it is required to enter the email addresses with a comma.



Service Discovery
  • Allow service discovery for a subnet that contains a single server


Change summary improvements
  • Added an option to conduct a search within the results
  • Added timestamp next to each detected change



Compare View
  • New navigation arrows to allow easier flow when using the search



  • New navigation option using the keyboard arrows.


Inventory Updates
  • Added export option

Maps - Colored event dots
  • Colored event dots for servers that have events (SSL Expired, Failed Connection e.g.)
  • Colored event dots will be shown in the application tree view as well


Sensor deployment
  • Improve detection of when we can set the password and when we cannot

Added sort option to list views


Adv. Search 
  • Changed the button style to improve its visibility 

The login page added “Forgot password”
  • This will lead to a support article.  This is relevant for users who are not using LDAP (AWS & vCenter only)

VMware - added adv. network setting in sensor deployment 
  • The UI should not allow deploying a sensor if we do not have all the details (netmask, gateway) for each sensor

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