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How to enable debug logging

In some cases, you may want to get additional information on a process that is running in Faddom with insufficient details in the logs. To get more details, you can enable debug logging using the following procedure.

Note that after a version upgrade, the log level will return to default.


Enabling debug logging

To enable debug logging, you will need to edit the log configuration file to set the log level. The location of the log file can be found according to the table below,

For Windows, you will need to open your text editor as Admin then open the file through the application.

Operating System Component Log Configuration File Location
Windows Server
Linux (ova) Server


In the file, in the Loggers section, Change info to debug:



After making the change, restart the Tomcat service using:

  • Windows - restart the Faddom Apache Tomcat service in service manager
  • Linux - systemctl restart tomcat

To restore the configuration back the default, change the debug back to info and restart tomcat.

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