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Release Notes Highlights - v2023.3

User Login Discovery
  • Search connections by user: Show all logins made by a user. This includes connections from servers in the past X time where the user logged in to that server.
  • Identify applications that a user accessed. Find all the entry points of applications that were accessed from IPs that a user logged into.



Server - alerts & security information 
  • A brand new view to get in-depth information for servers within your topology.
  • Clear view to allow you to see the related SSL Certificates, Frequent Users who access the server, Related applications, and even Vulnerability (CVE) Detection (*coming soon)


Search for any user via Faddom Search 
  • Search for users and navigate to their dedicated User screen to view all the servers they logged into and which applications they accessed.
  • The search-by-type feature will help you easily navigate through the different search options in Faddom.


Anomaly Detection - redesign & improvements:
  • Faddom can alert you to any anomalous network activity or connections on a per-server and port basis. This provides real-time notifications of any potential issues with network traffic, enabling you to proactively respond to potential problems.
  • A complete redesign for this capability is now available, allowing you to easily configure any Anomalies guidelines in just a few clicks


New Notifications Screen
  • The new Notifications screen enables you to track any changes in your environment in real-time. The screen will alert you to changes in the following areas:
    • Change Management - displays all application changes, recent updates for added or removed VMs, and more.
    • Application Status - Notifies of any changes in severity for the application, such as when an event appears on the application's servers.
    • Security Insights - Detects SSL certificate expiration or changes, subnet traffic anomalies, and inactive servers, and provides Shadow IT detection.
    • Traffic Anomalies - Alerts based on the anomaly configuration, connection failures, and more.
    • Configuration Status - Alerts on any changes related to discovery issues within Faddom, such as SNMP discovery failure, proxy connection loss, sensor availability, and more.


Dashboard Alerts for Application Maps

In addition to Faddom showing indications for map changes from the dashboard, we have added the option to view security-related alerts for a specific map directly from the dashboard view or from the Application menu.

If you have a server within an application with an open event, such as an expired SSL certificate, a failed connection, or even traffic anomalies, Faddom will provide you with an instant alert.


AWS, Azure and vCenter - tags collection:
  • Collecting tags on AWS, Azure and vCenter can provide you with additional information about your discovered instances.
  • In addition to displaying the discovered tags on your server's properties, you can search by them via the Faddom search tab.


New Network Topology Maps

Our new user interface has changed the way you map your network devices. Its easy-to-use design creates a comprehensive map of your physical devices in just a few clicks, providing detailed information about each device.


Exporting Active Clients from any map



New Background Zones

It is now possible to create dedicated, colorful zones within your maps. This allows for a clear and visual way to organize, share, and present any of your topologies.

  • Each zone can be assigned its own color and name according to your preferences.
  • Each zone can contain multiple nodes at your convenience.
  • The title for each zone will increase in size as you zoom out, allowing for easy navigation even on complex maps.



Weekly email report

New reports are now available to be sent to your email every week. These reports provide summaries of the most important updates from your environment, including security alerts, Inventory updates, Shadow IT detection, and recent changes to the application map in the past week.


Configuration status email alerts

Allow the option to send email alerts when a status configuration alert appears.


New maps - entry point selection improvements 

The input field should now provide suggestions while typing, similar to the search function.

entry point.gif

Edit multiple subnet discovery options

The ability to edit multiple subnets at once including excluding from discovery and collecting external traffic.

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