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When looking at servers properties, one of the options you will see at the bottom is Charts.

This displays various information on the traffic throughput of the server based on the traffic being collected. Faddom shows this in two ways, as a total of all traffic and as a breakdown per port.

To access the Charts you right click on the server you wish to see the data for then click  Charts. 

Access Charts.gif

If you have already gone into the properties, or are in one of the other tabs, simply select the  Charts tab

Charts Tab.gif


Server Behavior

The server behavior tab shows the below charts for the overall traffic on the server

  • Traffic in bit/s
  • Traffic in packets per minute
  • Number of incoming connections by port
  • Connection resets per minute


If you hover at any point it will tell you the total number of connections and the time stamp. 


Connection Behavior

This tab shows the amount of traffic broken down per port. With this tab, you see the below charts

  • Incoming Traffic
  • Outgoing Traffic
  • Connection resets per minute


If you hover at any point it will tell you the total number of connections, the port the graph is for, and the time stamp. 


VMware Performance Behavior

This tab shows live data directly from VMware and is collected via VMware APIs. It displays performance information of the VM including RAM and CPU usage. This chart is not exportable.

If you did not provide credentials to your vCenter or are collecting the data for a different hypervisor you will not see this tab.

Changing the Amount of Time Data is Shown For

The data is collected in 10-minute intervals and is displayed for the last 24 hours by default. You can change the period for which the data is shown by selecting from the dropdown box at the top of the page.

chart times.gif

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