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Release Notes Highlights - v2023.4

Our new Cybersecurity Module is now live!

Vulnerability Detection (CVEs)

Faddom has officially launched the ability to detect common vulnerabilities in installed software on Linux-based servers. This is achieved by using a CVSS scoring mechanism, along with additional server alerts such as SSL Insights and Traffic Changes. These features provide a comprehensive security view, allowing you to take a proactive approach to securing your environment.


Security Dashboard
  • Gain quick insights into your security posture, including:
    • Detected CVEs
    • Servers with Traffic Anomalies
    • SSL Insights
    • Shadow IT
  • Track common vulnerabilities over time to identify patterns and areas for remediation
  • Easily monitor alerted servers
  • View recent user activity


User page - Add Last Servers Accessed

Added a quick view of the servers accessed per user in the past week.


Server Properties - Added Detected CVEs Under the Security Tab

A simple way to see the detected CVEs per server, directly from the server properties -> Security tab


SSL Insights

A brand new method for tracking SSL certificates and servers. 

chrome-capture-2023-10-19 (3).gif


Quick Access to the Server’s Security Tab via the Properties Panel


Software Discovery improvements
    1. A new Software Inventory Screen

      Faddom's comprehensive list of software discovered on your servers not only showcases the software found but also provides valuable information about the related servers and any known vulnerabilities (CVEs) detected by Faddom.

      By analyzing this information, you can gain insights into the security status of your environment and take proactive measures.


    2. Software discovery can now be run on a single server

      We have introduced this option to enable software discovery on a single server. This is an additional feature to our existing option of running software discovery on your entire environment.


Tag-based Application Maps

Create maps based on tags instead of solely relying on entry points. This will allow you to maximize your existing tagging data, and use them to build maps within Faddom

  • All tagging data is imported automatically from your hypervisors or cloud environments
  • Quickly build your application maps based on existing tagging or any other desired query

chrome-capture-2023-10-19 (1) (1).gif


A New Scheduler Screen → Settings

A dedicated settings screen for controlling the scheduled tasks in Faddom


Application Maps: Display the Total Number of Connections in List View


Connection Properties: Display Source/Target IP and Hostname


New Map (Search) - Quick Filters Functions Were Added


Properties panel - New Option to "Pin" the Panel

This update improves usability by introducing a new option that allows users to "pin" the panel, keeping it visible while navigating between screens.


VMware Discovery - Add an Option to Collect Performance Data Again

A new checkbox that allows to “force performance data update” per need.

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