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Minor Release Notes - v2023.4


  • Creating a map with a load balancer VIP: It is now possible to create a map when using a virtual IP managed by a load balancer allowing maps to be built more accurately

  • Approving CVE Detection when having a proxy server: It is now possible to discover CVEs if a proxy has been configured in Global Parameters to provide the Faddom server with internet providing more customers with our CVE Detection feature

  • Adding an IP address to objects in Maps: A minor issue was resolved, enabling you to permanently add IP addresses to Maps further enhancing the usability of Maps.

  • Map Exports: A minor issue was resolved with the Map Server and Connection exports ensuring you get the correct data.


  • Adding servers to migration wave: A minor issue has been efficiently resolved, enabling you to seamlessly add individual servers to migration waves with success


  • SSH Error when performing Software Discovery on Ubuntu: Software Discovery now successfully runs on Ubuntu OS providing a fuller picture of your servers.


  • Map Creation with Load Balancer Support: We've successfully resolved the issue preventing map creation with a load balancer. You can now seamlessly create maps that include load balancers, enhancing your mapping capabilities.


  • Migration Waves Improvements - Resolved Timeout Issue: We have improved the performance of adding members to migration waves. 
  • ASN Groups Updates - Automated IP Grouping by ASN: The necessity to manually run 'Upgrade IPs Online' for grouping IP addresses by ASN has been addressed. Our system now automatically groups IPs, streamlining your network management tasks.


  •  Software Discovery Enhancements:
    - Hostname Usage Error Fixed: The issue causing errors when using hostnames during software discovery tests has been resolved. 
    - Enhanced Discovery on Sudo-Password Protected Servers: Software discovery now supports servers requiring a sudo password, broadening the scope of discovery and ensuring comprehensive software identification.
    - UI Populating Issue Resolved: We've fixed the bug that prevented software discovery results from populating in the UI. All discovery data will now be displayed correctly.

  • Maps Filters - Global Filter Creation in Edit Map Screen: The issue leading to the creation of a local filter instead of a global filter has been rectified. You can now create global filters directly from the edit map screen as intended.
  • IP Group Filter Issues Resolved: Enhancements have been made to the IP group filter functionality in application maps, ensuring accurate and efficient filtering.


  • OCI Discovery Update:
    - Proxy Support for OCI Discovery:
    Running OCI discovery with a proxy is now possible, facilitating discovery tasks.


  • Improved Class A Subnet Search: Searching for Class A subnets has been improved to ensure functionality even when one or more subnets are excluded. This enhancement makes subnet searching results more comprehensive and useful.


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