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How to Set A Static MAC Address for Faddom in Hyper-V

In order to prevent issues with your license, Faddom requires a static MAC address. By default, Hyper-V uses dynamic MAC addresses and the below guide shows you how to set a static one - 

  1. Find the Faddom Server in Hyper-V Manager, right-click on it, and select Settings from the context menu.

  2. Navigate to the Network Adapter in the settings window, and select the Advanced Features from the options

  3. Under the MAC Address section, select Static to enable setting a static MAC address. Then enter the desired MAC address in the provided field

  4. After entering the desired MAC address, click Apply to save the changes.

  5. If it is a new server, you can begin the installation of Windows. If it is an existing server, it is recommended to restart it to ensure the settings are applied.
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