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How To Deploy Faddom via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Faddom can be deployed via the Azure Marketplace and contains everything you need to run Faddom pre-installed on Linux. In order to deploy Faddom via the marketplace, please follow the below procedure.

  1. Go to Faddom on the Azure Marketplace

  2. Click Get It Now and Continue

  3. If you wish to set everything yourself you can click Create however we recommend selecting Start with a pre-set configuration

  4. There are three options, please select what you feel is best. Our recommendations are - U
    1. Up to 200 servers General purpose (D-Series)
    2. Between 200 and 100 servers Compute optimized (F-Series)
    3. For over 1000 server Memory optimized (E-Series)
  5. Select the basic settings and network settings and select how to connect via SSH (this is critical to enable upgrading and troubleshooting if needed) then go to the next step
  6. If you want to accept the pre-set disks go to the next step. If you want to provide more disk space, select it on this step. For most environments, the default disk is enough.

  7. Set the networking parameters for the server

  8. Select how you wish to connect to the machine and how you wish to manage OS updates. Please note that Faddom does not currently support EntraID for login.


  9. Choose if you wish to monitor the VM8.png

  10. Add any custom scripts or files you need at this stage. 9.png

  11. Add a tag called Faddom to enable you to easily identify the VM

  12. Next, review the configuration. If you have not made any changes, it should look something similar to the below


  13. Click Create and wait for a few minutes for the machine to be created and start-up. 

  14. Once started, you should be able to access Faddom by using the format https://<IPADDRESS>/9443 where it will then ask you to set the username and password for the Administrator user. Once done, you can continue setting up Faddom by following our guides on How to Activate Your License Online and Offline and Mapping a Microsoft Azure Subscription Using Faddom.
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