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Deploying a Split Installation of Faddom

Faddom can run on two servers in situations where resources are limited. This means that one runs the Tomcat (web UI) and one runs PostgreSQL (database). To ease this process, Faddom has a script that makes this process simple. 


  1. Two Faddom OVAs installed running 2023.5 Oracle Linux. If your Faddom instance is running CentOS7 please see our guide on Migrating the Faddom OVA from CentOS 7 to Oracle Linux 9 to migrate the server. 
  2. Communication between the two OVAs via ports 22 and 5432


  1. Connect via SSH to the UI server (the existing Faddom instance) and run
    sudo /etc/illuminit/migrateDatabase.sh
  2. Follow the instructions on screen with the following parameters - 
    1. Choose localserver 
    2. Enter the username which by default is faddom and password
    3. Choose remotehost which is the server that will host the database
    4. Enter the IP address of the new server and faddom and the IP address of the database server
    5. Enter the password you set during the import process. 
    6. Let the migration run. Once done, connect to the UI and connect your datasources. 

A successful migration will have an output that looks like the below

If you experience any issues or would like assistance with this, please email support@faddom.com

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