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Minor Release Notes - v2023.5



Nutanix - Official Partnership

Official Support for Nutanix AHV

We are excited to announce official support for Nutanix AHV, following our new partnership with Nutanix. Faddom can now discover and map your Nutanix environment using IPFIX. This support covers Prism Central Version 2023.1.0.1 or later and AOS Version 6.5.2 and up.

Read more about our partnership with Nutanix here.

Nutanix Deployment Option

Added a Nutanix deployment option to our downloads portal. This enhancement provides users with the flexibility to deploy Faddom on Nutanix, expanding our supported platforms and improving deployment versatility.

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Azure Discovery Loading Issue on Windows

Resolved the issue where Azure discovery would get stuck on "loading" when deployed on Windows. This fix ensures that the initial discovery process completes successfully and proceeds to the next step to set flow logs.

Azure Load Balancers Discovery

Resolved the issue where Azure Load Balancers were not fully discovered. This update ensures complete and accurate discovery of all details for Azure Load Balancers.

Enhanced CVE Matching Screen

In addition to our extensive database for detected vulnerabilities on Windows servers, we have added a new feature allowing users to detect software on Windows servers that hasn't been flagged for vulnerabilities. Users can now "Match" possible CPEs to their CVEs, providing full control over vulnerability management. This enhancement not only empowers users but also contributes to expanding Faddom's database of matched CVEs with their software.

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CVE Discovery Wait Time Adjustment

Increased the wait time for vulnerability results to ensure more accurate and complete discovery.

New Version Available Notification

Fixed the issue where the "New Version Available" banner was displayed even when the latest version was already installed. Users will now only see this notification when an update is actually available.

Issue Resolved: LDAP User Addition and Login Permissions

Resolved the issue where LDAP users using role authentication encountered a "no permissions" screen upon attempting to log in. This update ensures that all LDAP users are correctly added and can log in seamlessly without encountering permission errors.



  • Enhanced Azure Discovery Process
    We've improved the discovery process for Azure environments. Previously, encountering a missing VM in a load balancer's backend pool resulted in a 404 error. Now, the discovery will continue seamlessly.
  • User Discovery Enhancement
    Optimized the communication between proxies and the server, ensuring more reliable reporting of results. 
  • Improved Windows Login Post-Installation
    Enhanced the login process following a fresh Windows installation. This update resolves an issue some customers experienced with accessing Windows on initial setup, ensuring a smoother and more reliable start.
  • Improved IP Group Selection in Application Maps
    We've refined the functionality of selecting IP groups from the list, ensuring a more reliable and consistent experience.
  • Improved Network Topology Layouts
    Fixed the save functionality for network topology layouts and improved the default configuration for a more intuitive user experience.
  • User & Software Discovery Enhancements
    Improved flexibility in proxy selection has been implemented, addressing feedback regarding unnecessary proxy requirements. This update ensures a smoother setup and operation across Windows environments.



  • Improved performance of CVE Discovery for Windows Servers
    We have improved the performance of CVE Discovery for environments with a large amount of Windows servers

  • Improved visibility of multiple connections in Search results
    It is now possible to expand multiple port connections in search results in the same way as Application Maps

  • Improved visibility of numbers on the Investigate screen
    We have amended the Investigate screen so that the numbers do not overlap the text

  • Increased support for non-English characters
    We have improved the backend to better handle non-English ASCII characters

  • Improved timestamp dropdown for Charts
    We have amended the Charts screen so that the timestamps are now fully clickable if it overlaps the charts
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