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Deploying Faddom in a Nutanix Environment


  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
CPU Dual CPU/Dual-core CPU 8 CPUs/cores
Memory (RAM) 4GB RAM 16GB RAM
Disk* 10GB free disk space 40GB free disk space

* Recommended disk space varies and depends on the size of the environment and the retention time required for connection data. In order to increase the disk space of the ova file, see the following guide: How to increase the size of the database disk on the Faddom virtual appliance?



Faddom utilises IPFIX to get the traffic from Nutanix AHV. This is supported from Prism Central 2023.1.0.1 and AOS is 6.5.2. 



Faddom will work with a read-only user. However, to enable IPFIX via the Faddom UI you need to provide user credentials with Prism Admin permissions. Once the discovery is complete and IPFIX is configured, you can change this to a read-only user.


Firewall Rules

While Faddom does not need access to your servers, some firewall rules may need to be defined to allow Faddom to access vCenter or to collect network traffic. For details, see

What ports need to be open for Faddom to function?



  1. Log in to Prism Central

  2. On the left hand-side, select Infrastructure > Compute & Storage > OVAs

  3. Upload the Faddom OVA from there by clicking Upload OVA and selecting the Faddom OVA then Continue in Background

  4. Wait for the OVA to upload and validate

  5. On the OVA screen, check the Faddom OVA and in the Actions drop-down choose Deploy a VM

  6. The recommended settings for the CPU and memory are already defined. The disks are already added and should not be touched unless you wish to provision more disk space.

  7. Pick the network and subnet you want and edit the configuration, provide a free IP address (if applicable)

  8. in boot configuration choose Legacy BIOS Mode and pick Default Boot Order

  9. To set the SSH password for console access, in Guest Customization, choose Cloud-init (Linux), and paste the follwoing script, substituting your desired password where indicated.
    # Faddom Server Cloud-init config:
      list: | 
      expire: False

           - echo "Password for faddom has been changed."
  10. Click Create VM and wait for it to finish


Use the address https://<serverIP>:9443/faddom to enter the UI and activate by following How to Activate Your License Online and Offline


Traffic Collection

Follow our guide How to Discover Nutanix AHV to enable traffic collection


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