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Next Steps - Post Setup

Now that there are server maps for some application maps, it is time to use them for impact
simulation, configuration drift detection, application map dependencies analysis, and more.

The following paragraphs describe some of Faddom's features that can be used after basic
discovery. For more details and the full product functionality, please refer to Faddom Discover User
Guide, or contact Faddom Support.


Change detection
Faddom continuously captures traffic and updates the server maps according to the detected

When there are discovery results for a server map, save them as a baseline (‘Save baseline’,
available from Activity Dashboard and Map screens). Then, whenever a change is detected to
the server map, a notification will be sent and the application map will be displayed with a
‘Change Detected’ icon. Then, it is possible to compare the new results to the baseline and
identify the exact change.




Impact Analysis
To check the impact of a server on your applications, for example in order to plan downtime or a
change to the server, go to the Map screen, select this server in a server map, and click the
Impact button to see all impacted business services highlighted.



To view the dependencies between current business services, go to the Application Map
Dependencies dashboard. There is an arrow between each two Application Maps that use each
other. Click the arrow to view the dependency details.


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