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VMware Environment Discovery

VMware details discovery – Faddom can discover details about VMs managed by a
VSphere Server, including details about the operating system, CPU, memory and
network cards. VMware discovery requires credentials for the VSphere Server. To access,
go to the Discover/VMware screen.
VMware discovery is managed through the Discover/VMware screen.
Click the Discover from vCenter button to extract VM details from a vCenter Server. It is
possible to add multiple vCenter Servers. For each one, specify the credentials in order
to access the VMware API and extract the details for each deployed VM.
When adding a vCenter Server, it is possible to save its credentials for updating the
configuration later. These credentials are used when executing the VMware discovery
To execute VMware discovery, select Discover from VCenter and there click Run
Discovery next to each one of the vCenter Servers that you would like to update.

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