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Activate Your License

If you do not have an active license, you will be greeted by the license activation screen. If you want to update your license, you can reach the screen by going to Help and selecting Getting Started. Then select Install Your License.


If you have an active internet connection, you can enter the activation key you have received in the Activation Key field and click on Activate. This should take a moment and then the license should be activated.

If you do not have an active internet connection, you can use the Offline Activation option.


You will need to go to https://activate.faddom.com where you enter the activation key and the host id that you can get from the offline activation screen above. After a short activation process, the license file will be downloaded. You can then use this file to activate by clicking Choose File and then Install.


If  you want to migrate your Faddom server to a different host, you will not be able to activate the license again. Please contact Faddom support at support@faddom.com and we can release the license for activation on a different host.


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