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What are the configuration changes the auto deployment performs?

  1. Netflow configuration (VMware Distributed Switches):
    • For each selected distributed switch
      • Set the Netflow collector IP address to the selected sensor
      • Set Netflow to enabled for each of the port groups in the switch
      • Set Netflow to enabled for the uplink port groups in the switch
  2. Sensor Deployment
    • Create a content library in vCenter named faddom-discover and upload an OVF template to that library. The datastore in which the library is created is selected on the sensor deployment page
    • For each selected ESX host:
      • Deploy the OVF template containing the sensor appliance from the content library to the host  
      • Disable DRS for the sensor VM to prevent the sensor from moving to a different host (Configured under Cluster->Configuration->VM Overrides)
      • For each VMware standard switch on the host
        • Create a port group named faddom-switchname replacing switchname with the name of the switch. The new port group will have promiscuous set to Accept and VLAN set to All.
      • Connect the sensor VM to all the port groups that were created in the previous step
      • Configure the sensor VM operating system with the network configuration settings provided in the deployment screen (ip address, gateway, etc.)
      • Register the sensor with the Faddom server
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