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Configure VMWare on Faddom fails - network is unreachable

It seems that the Faddom server does not have network access to the vcenter server. This can be either because some sort of routing issue or because of a firewall issue.
To check the network access, connect to the Faddom server using SSH and try pinging the vcenter server using the command
ping <server-name>
Replacing <server-name> with the host name of your vcenter server. If you get a reply, then the next step is to try and connect using telnet to the vcenter server on port 443:
telnet <server-name> 443
If the connection is successful then the Faddom server should have access to the vcenter api, otherwise something is blocking it.
If the ping command failed, then you may need to configure the network settings. Check in vcenter that the server is assigned the correct port group that will allow it to communicate. Also, you can run the ip configuration script to set the ip address and other network details:
If the network is configured correctly but you still do not have access, the please check with your network administrator if there is a firewall between the Faddom server and the vcenter server and if there is, you need to allow access from the Faddom server to the vcenter server on the https port (443).
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