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How to increase the size of the database disk on the Faddom virtual appliance?

Note: This procedure should not affect your data in any way, but it is highly recommended to create a snapshot of the VM before starting.
Follow these steps:
  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. Edit the VM settings and increase the size of the disk - see Recommended Sizing for the Faddom appliances recommendation.
  3. Start the VM
  4. Run  fdisk /dev/sdb
  5. Enter  p  to see the details of the existing partition 
  6. Note the Start location
  7. Type  d  to delete the partition
  8. Type  n  to create a new partition and accept all the defaults 
    • If asked to remove the signature, select yes
  9. You may need to move the start of the partition to match the start of the partition before the change. To do this:
    1. Type  x  to enter expert mode
    2. Type  b  to set the beginning of the partition
    3. Type 1 or whatever number the start was at before
    4. Type  r  to return to the main menu
    5. Type  p  to print the new partition to verify that the start location is correct
  10. Type  w  to write the changes
  11. Reboot the server so that it reads the new partition information
  12. Grow the file system using  xfs_growfs /dev/sdb1
The database disk size should now have been increased.

Recommended Sizing

To view the recommended size follow the below procedure
  1. Click the gear icond

  2. Select Global Parameters


  3. Look for Topology archive enabled, then click on Estimate storage requirements..

    It is recommended to double the total. In this example, you should have a disk size of 28Mb
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