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What ports need to be open for Faddom to function?

Faddom does not need to access you servers in any way, but there are some things that Faddom needs to access in your environment. This article details all the ports that need to be open in order for Faddom to be fully functional:


Port Protocol Direction Source/Target Use
53 UDP Both DNS Server Allow the Faddom server to perform DNS lookups and reverse lookups
80 TCP Inbound End Users End user access to web UI
161 UDP Outbound Load Balancers Access to load balancers via SNMP to discover their configuration
443 TCP Inbound End Users End user access to web UI
443 TCP Outbound vCenter Access to the vCenter APIs
443 TCP Outbound Faddom server In case there is a separate Faddom proxy installation, the proxy needs HTTPs access to the Faddom server.
4739 UDP Inbound ESX Hosts / Other netflow sources Allow inbound netflow traffic to the Faddom sensor. Note that netflow traffic is sent from the management IP addresses of ESX hosts when enabled on VMware.
6343 UDP Inbound Hyper-V / Physical Hosts When using the Hyper-V plugin or Host sFlow to generate sFlow traffic, this port needs to be open to allow sFlow traffic from Hyper-V or the physical hosts to the Faddom sensor.
9545 TCP Outbound Faddom Sensors In case there are additional sensors installed, Faddom needs access to those sensors to get data from them.
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