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What are the required vCenter permissions?

When deploying Faddom to discover a VMware vCenter based environment, Faddom can use the VMware APIs to collect additional data on your environment.

In order to discover details on your VMware VMs and hosts, Faddom needs read-only access to the vCenter.
In addition, if you want to automate the deployment and configuration of your environment to enable Faddom to get network traffic, we need the following permissions:
For environments using Distributed Switches:
For environments using Standard Switches:

Content Library

  • Add library item
  • Create local library
  • Delete library item
  • Update files


  • Allocate space

dvPort group

  • Create


  • Configuration
    • Network configuration
  • Inventory
    • Modify Cluster
  • Network
    • Assign network
  • Virtual machine
    • Change Configuration
      • Add new disk
      • Add or remove device
      • Advanced configuration
      • Modify device settings
    • Guest Operations
      • Guest operation program execution
    • Interaction
      • Power on
      • Reset


  • Clone
  • Import

Note Content library permissions must be given on a global level. See here for an explanation.
For details on how to give a user global permissions, see here.
Make sure that Propagate to children is selected.
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