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Server Types

Server Types are discovered based on their listening ports.

To view the types, browse Inventory > Server Types in the Faddom UI.

When clicking a server type group, the server type list screen opens and shows the list of all servers participating in this group, based on ports that these servers listen to.

  • Name – the server DNS name and IP address
  • Port – the port number and its description
  • Connections – the number of unique incoming connections from separate hosts to this server on this port over the last 24 hours
  • Last seen time – the time in which this server was last accessed (using this port)
  • Server events – the number of open events for this server
  • Actions:
    • Properties – clicking on the icon to show the Properties window of the server. See View Server Properties
    • Charts – clicking on the icon displays the Charts window, with charts showing the activity and connections of the server in the last days and weeks.

It is also possible to export the lists to CSV format.

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