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The Faddom Search function has two options - a Basic Search where you type in an object or item that will first show you previous searches, and then offer suggestions as you type.

Using the Advanced Search you can perform in-depth queries as well as search by specific data. The Search Connections tab allows you to search for servers based on specific connections/ports, while the Search Servers tab allows you to search the properties of the servers.

In addition, if you have saved any searches they will appear at the bottom under Saved Searches.

Basic Search

In the Search bar, you can search for connections or objects in Faddom.  When performing the search, it will provide you with a list of previous searches, and as you continue to type will auto-complete to provide suggestions. As you type, you will see search search groups. Each group is a different data set within Faddom.

All - this displays all results in alpha-numeric order

Servers/IP groups - displays only servers or IP groups that match the search pattern

Subnets - displays only subnets that match the search pattern

Users - if you are using the User Discovery feature, you can use this to find individual users

Clicking on Properties will allow you to View Server Properties. Clicking on Servers or Connections will display a map of the connections for the particular object or item selected.

If you wish to save it permanently, you can click on Save Query as New Map and it will create an Application Map.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to perform in-depth queries. It provides two ways to do this, either through Search Connections or through Search Servers

Search Connections

This allows you to perform in-depth searches for any type of connection and includes historical connections. This allows you to search for a specific server or exclude it, as well as by Source/Target or by a specific port or exclude it, as well as by protocol. When performing this search, it will ignore the Global Filters (see the Filters guide for further information) however by ticking the Use Global Filters box, it will include them 

Search Servers

The Search Servers feature allows you to perform queries based on the server properties collected by Faddom. For example, in the screenshot below, the search is for all servers with a Windows-based OS and having a Peak CPU usage equal to or below 25%. You can search for any information that Faddom collects and stores, and you can have multiple filters. Once satisfied, you click on Search and it will show you a list of servers matching the query.


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