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Inactive Servers

As Faddom looks at the packet headers, it can determine which resources have little to no traffic over. This enables you to reduce operational costs by eliminating idle resources as well as saving limited virtual resources. This information is displayed in Faddom as Inactive Servers.

You are able to view this information by browsing to Optimize > Inactive Server

You will then see this screen

On here you can see the total resources you can save - vCPU, vRAM, and storage. In addition, you can see the details of each server and the traffic information. 

If you wish to export the data, you click on Export to download this information as a CSV file and the Settings icon to change the parameters.

Faddom also limits the data by using subnets as well as default ports, which you can amend as per need. For example, you are able to add custom ports to the list as well as list specific IP addresses.

Once you are satisfied with this you can click Apply and the screen will refresh.

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