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View the license status

To view the license status, click ‘About’ in the Web GUI. 

The license manager window displays the current limits on the number of application maps, the number of total servers in the environment, the number of discovered servers, and also the license expiration date.

Note: Any user can view the license status.


Install/Update the license

You can install a new license or update an existing license, including a license that has expired, through the license management window.

Before updating the license, you should obtain a license key. 

License update:

1 Click the about button in the Web GUI and then click Update License.

2 If you have Internet connectivity, select ‘Activate online and Install’, enter the license key, and click Activate.

3 Otherwise, select ‘install from file’, copy the host id (by using the ‘copy’ button), go to https://activate.faddom.com/ and perform the registration there, using the license key and host id. Use the received license file to install the license. 

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