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Sensors Management

The Sensors Management screen displays all the network sensors that are currently defined in the Server. You can find it under Configuration.

For each sensor, its status is displayed as well as its version (if available) and the timestamp in which this sensor has been checked.

Sensor Statuses


The sensor is operational and responsive, and data is  being captured


The sensor is not accessible from the Server


The sensor is paused and is not collecting data


The sensor is operational and responsive but has not detected any traffic during the last 5 minutes.


Sensor Management Actions


Add new sensor


Delete the definition of this sensor from the server

Note: This action would remove its definition without uninstalling the sensor software so it can be re-defined for future use


Pause sensor, effectively stopping data collection


Resume sensor, resuming data collection


Remote restart a sensor. This action requires authentication. Available only for Linux sensors (including the Virtual Appliance)


Remote upgrade a sensor. This action requires authentication. Available only for Linux sensors (including the Virtual Appliance)


Import sensors from CSV file

Check status

Test the connection to the sensor. If the sensor is available, then the details about its operating system and version are updated


Show sensor configuration

Debug Info

Show information about the sensor collection status


Define a New Sensor

To define a new sensor, go to Settings->Sensors and select the New button.

The Define New Sensor dialog appears. 

In the Host Name field, enter the name or IP address of a server on which a Sensor has been installed. 

In the Name field, it is possible to add a display name for the newly defined sensor.

If using a port other than the default port (9545), specify the port number in the Port field. If SSL encrypted communication between the Server and the Network Sensor is required and has been configured in the Network Sensor installation, then select the Use SSL checkbox.

For details on how to set up SSL for a sensor, please refer to the Faddom Sensor Installation Guide.


Import Sensors From a File

It is also possible to import a list of new sensors from a file in CSV format (Comma Separated Values).  In the CSV file the following values are expected in each line:

  • Sensor hostname (or IP address) – the server on which this sensor is installed
  • Sensor name – a name that will identify this sensor
  • Coverage – the IP address of the server for local sensors.
  • Sensor port – the port that the sensor uses to listen for server requests. 9545 by default.
  • Uses SSL – TRUE if the sensor has been configured to use SSL when communicating with the server; FALSE otherwise.
  • Port mirroring mode – FALSE for local installations (agent mode); TRUE for all other setup types.

Note: The sensors import file should not include tabs or spaces between values.

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