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Server Installation - Installation

Follow the steps to deploy Faddom as a virtual appliance in a VMWare environment.

For windows-based installation, follow Server Installation - Windows-Based Installation.

The Faddom Server Virtual Appliance includes a Network Sensor that can be used to capture network traffic. When using our virtual appliance the sensor is included, no need for further action to install the sensor.


Installation process:

  1. Deploy the Faddom Appliance OVF Template to a VMware ESX Server.
  2. Optional: Configure a static IP address for the Faddom server
    1. Login to the machine with default credentials: root/admin.
    2. Run the  ~/configIp.sh to set up all the connected network cards and assign a static IP address to the VM.
  3. Open a web browser (Chrome is recommended) and navigate to:

HTTPS://<Faddom Server IP>

  1. The first time you connect to the UI, you set the password for the built-in Administrator user
    1. Log in to the UI and follow the on-screen getting started guide

Installation is complete. You have a server+sensor installed and ready to enjoy the powerful benefits of Faddom.

If additional sensors are required, follow the sensor installation.


Locating Faddom log files on the Faddom Machine:

The Faddom Server and Proxy log files can be accessed from the Faddom UI from the About screen.

Open Help -> About and select Server Log to open the log viewer screen.

If you need to access the log files on the server, they can be found at the following locations:

  • The Faddom Server log file can be found under /usr/local/tomcat9/logs/IlluminIT-Server.log
  • All other Faddom log files can be found under /var/log/illuminit
  • The PostgreSQL database server log file can be found under /var/lib/pgsql/12/data/pg_log


Faddom components installation locations

  • Faddom Tomcat Application Server is installed under /usr/local/tomcat9
  • Postgres database data location - /var/lib/pgsql/12/data
  • Faddom Network Sensor is installed under /opt/illuminit/networksensor


Restarting Faddom components

To restart, stop or start the Faddom Server, use systemctl restart/stop/start tomcat.

To restart, stop or start the Faddom Network Sensor service, use systemctl restart/stop/start networksensor

To restart, stop or start the PostgreSQL database service, use systemctl restart/stop/start postgresql-12.


Upgrading Faddom Server VA (Virtual Appliance)

To upgrade the Faddom Virtual Appliance, transfer the ‘rpm’ upgrade file to the Virtual Appliance, and then type, in the Virtual Server console:

rpm -U FaddomServerUpgrade-<version>.x86_64.rpm

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