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How to deploy Faddom on vCenter version 5.5

While vCenter version 5.5 is not supported by VMware any longer, you can still use Faddom to map a vCenter 5.5 based environment with some limitations:

  • Automated sensor deployment will not work on this version of vCenter. You will need to deploy sensor VMs manually using our guide.
  • The Faddom ova files do not support this version of vCenter. They are based on hardware version 11 and can only be deployed on vCenter 6 and up. In order to work around this, you can install the Faddom server on Windows. The sensors can be installed using the sensor installation files (Can be found under <Install Dir>\Sensors) either on Windows or Linux.
  • In version 5.5 of vCenter, there is a limitation on getting performance statistics from vCenter. To get around this, you will need to connect to the database on the Faddom server and run the following commands. After running the commands, perform vCenter discovery again to collect the performance data
    • psql -h localhost -U postgres -c "UPDATE tbl_parameters SET value = '10' WHERE name = 'vmware_perfquery_batch_size';" default_tenant
    • psql -h localhost -U postgres -c "UPDATE tbl_vcenter_servers SET last_performance_collection = NULL;" default_tenant 
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