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Application Maps Overview

Application Maps enable the user to consume the app’s topology, status, and recent changes.

To view your application maps browse to Map->Application Maps.

Each map displays a topology of your business application, including its entities (VM’s, etc.), entity dependencies, and application’s clients.


View Application Topology

Click on the app from the Application Maps list, and its topology will be displayed to you in the right pane.

The app topology is displayed according to discovered entities in the app and their dependencies.

Each entity can be explored with further details by clicking on the entity – Application Entities.

Dependencies in the application map are represented by the connections between the entities and their respective color – Application Entities Connections.


Map Display Mode

Application maps can be shown in different options: All, Current, Baseline, Compare.

Choose the relevant show mode in the “Showing” picker:

  • All
    Displays the application map last update along with its changes from baseline
  • Current
    Displays the last update of the application map
  • Baseline
    Displays the application map baseline, which means how the map usually looks like.
  • Compare
    View application in compare mode between the baseline and the current topology. This mode enables you to visually find deltas between the maps.


Maps Options

  • Map/List View. Application map is available in the following views:
    • Map View

    • List View

  • Save changes. Take action for recent changes

  • Edit. Edit options for the application map:
    • Filter out
      filter out an entity so that it is not shown on the map.
    • Manual connections
      Add manual connections in the application map for entities that can’t be discovered from the network traffic.
    • Add servers to a group
      Add the entity to a specific server group.
    • Remove servers to a group
      Remove entities from a specific group.
    • Manage server groups
      Manage the server groups.
    • Resolve DNS names
      Performs resolve of the IP address of the entity to a DNS name. The action is performed by the Faddom Server and requires access to the DNS server. If the server already has a DNS name, then it is updated.
    • Open service editor
      Manage application map settings
  • Layout. Choose layout display

  • View. Viewing options for the displayed map such as Collapse/Expand IP groups, Reset view, and “New”/”Removed” (show new/removed entities in the map).
  • Search. Search for an entity in the visible application map


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