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What is a Client?

The clients represent the incoming connections who accessed the entry point. This could be a workstation, phone, other servers, or any device accessing the entry point.

The number in the map represents the number of clients active over the last 10 minutes. Opening the Clients icon shows the full list of clients from the last 24 hours. The list will show the IP/DNS and last access time, as well as if the client is currently active. 

The client list is sorted first by currently active clients, then by alphabetical order. It is possible to filter the displayed list using the filter box in the upper right corner. 

Add a Client To A Map

Sometimes, it may be useful to show a client permanently on the map, especially if it is in almost-constant connection with the entry point. You can add it by right clicking on the entry point, selecting Show Incoming, then right clicking the connection of the client and clicking Add to map



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