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Application Maps - Application Entities

An arrow represents the connection between every two servers and/or the clients and the entry point.

Entities Details

Clicking a connection will show details on that connection with additional info regarding frequency and last seen timestamp.
Moreover, there’s an option to see a chart of the connection traffic over time.

Entities Actions

Click a specific entity to view available actions:

Show Charts: View historical charts for the entity’s connections over time. 

Show Alarms: View and define alarms based on entity performance.


Add to impact set: Add the entity to the current impact set. Affected applications will be highlighted in the maps list on the left pane. The user can also export impact data in the impact information pane at the top of the tree on the left pane.

Show incoming: show all incoming connections to the entity. These connections are displayed with a dashed line to reflect that they are not part of the original query. It’s possible to manually add it to the map by clicking the connection and selecting More/Add to map.
To clear the display of incoming connections, either select the server again, click Hide Incoming, or select Reset View from the View menu.

Show outgoing: show all outgoing connections from the entity.

Show connections list: Display all incoming and outgoing connections.

For each connection, the source server, target server, and port are displayed, as well as the frequency of activity for this connection, the time it was last observed, and the protocol that was used (TCP/UDP). 

It is possible to load additional data about the number of packets transferred over this connection in the past 10 minutes, 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours. To load the packet count, select the required connections (or select all), then click the Load packets count button at the bottom of the window. To change the packet count interval, use the selection box at the top right of the window.

This window can easily add manual connections to the server map by selecting the relevant connections and clicking the Add button.

It is possible to sort the connections by frequency, by port, or by the last seen time, and also possible to search for servers and ports.


Search for <entity_name>: redraws the Search screen, with this server as the searched server, so that all connections to and from this server are displayed.


Filter out: filter out an entity so that it is not shown on the map. 

Filter all outgoing: Filter out all outgoing connections from the entity.

Resolve DNS name: Performs resolve of the IP address of the entity to a DNS name. The action is performed by the Faddom Server and requires access to the DNS server. If the server already has a DNS name, then it is updated.

Define as an Application Map: defines a new application map that starts with this entity.

Add to a group: Add the entity to a specific server group.

Properties: Display entity’s properties.

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