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Connections on Application Maps

An arrow represents the connection between every two servers and/or the clients and shows the port number connecting them, the protocol, and the communication direction. For example, Port: 80, Protocol: HTTP.

An arrow is displayed for each port and each direction. The colour of the arrow indicates how recent the latest activity was, and you can refer to the Connection Color Legend. You can also see this key on the maps by clicking at the bottom and expanding the key.


Notes: The connection failure threshold is configurable via Settings > Global Parameters >Connection failures sensitivityfield.

The protocol names are presented according to IANA Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry.


Connection Properties

You can left-click on the connection to open the Connection Properties dialogue box, Here you will see some basic information on the connections, as well as access Charts, and Remove from Basline or Filter Out

  • Charts - Allows you to see the a graph of the average traffic for that connection and any connection failures over time
  • Remove from Baseline - this will remove a connection from the baseline, so it will appear as a new connection on the current view
  • Filter out - Creates a filter on this connection so that it is removed from the map


Connection Actions

If the connection is not relevant to the map, you can right-click on the connection and take the below actions. See our guide on Filters for a more in-depth explanation.

  • Filter connection: Creates a filter on this connection so that it is removed from the map
  • Filter out port: Creates a filter to exclude all traffic on the port that this connection is using from the map

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