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Search for dependencies of discovered resources.

Browse to Search->Connections Map and search for a requested server or subnet.
In the search box at the top left of the screen, enter a server name, server IP address, or a subnet (CIDR format), to view all connections to/from the server/subnet. Partial names are supported as well.



It is also possible to use filtering by port and by time. The search results can be saved so that changes can be observed.


Advanced Search Panel

The advanced search panel enables advanced filtering and complex queries.

Port selection

Use this dropdown list to select which ports are displayed and which are hidden. The selection of ports to display/hide is temporary and overridden with each new query that is submitted.

Advanced queries

The Add new query section enables specifying advanced search criteria as well as a combination of multiple queries. 

The panel fields are: Server, Source, Target, Port, Excluded port/s, Excluded server/s.


The filters checkbox specifies whether to use global filters when displaying the search results. Global filters can be viewed and edited in the Configuration/Discovery filters screen. Some global filters are configured by default when Faddom is first installed.

Note: this setting is not saved when saving a query – instead, global filters are always applicable for saved queries.

Time filtering

By default, connections that occurred during the last 24 hours are displayed. However, it is possible to change the time frame using the time filtering slider. The minimal time frame is 10 minutes, the maximum is the topology storage hours setting, as specified in the Parameters configuration screen.

Note: this setting is not saved when saving a query – a saved query always uses all the available connections for the time frame specified in the Topology storage hours parameter.


Saving queries

Use the Save Query button to save the currently displayed query as an application map. The saved application map will be displayed in the Activity Dashboard and the Map screen and is checked for changes and status changes.

The saved query can later be edited from the Map screen and the Application Map Details screen.

The saved query parameters are taken only from the query specification area.

  •       Port dropdown selection is not used – to select which ports are included and which ones are excluded using the Ports and the Exclude Ports fields.
  •       Global filters are always in effect for application maps; therefore even if the Global Filters checkbox was not checked when viewing the query results, they would affect the saved query.
  • Time Frame selection is not saved with the query. The query uses the time frame that is specified in the Topology storage hours parameter.
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