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How to Setup the Faddom Proxy

A proxy can be used to push network data from your environment or a data center to the Faddom Server in case direct access from the Faddom server into your environment is not possible. The proxy will collect the data from all sources in the data center and send it to the Faddom server over an encrypted connection

Follow the steps to deploy a Faddom Proxy as a virtual appliance in a VMWare environment.


Installation process:

First, make sure you have a Faddom Server deployed and running. Log into the Faddom UI and go to Settings > Proxy Configuration

  1. Select the Windows or Linux version that you wish to deploy. You can either download the OVA ( If this step is not available, please contact support@faddom.com

  2. Note the proxy authentication key and the address of the Faddom server, You will need these to configure your proxy server.

  3. Deploy the Faddom Proxy Appliance  OVA you downloaded to vCenter or use the Windows installer on an existing Windows server

  4. For OVF deployment, login to the machine with default credentials: username: root password: admin. On the first login, the ~/configProxy.sh script should be run to set up the proxy. This can also be manually executed later if needed. and perform the below actions
      • Enter the IP address of the Faddom Server
      • Enter a display name for this proxy - this is how this proxy will appear in the Faddom UI
      • Enter the proxy authentication key from Step 4 above
      • Optional: Configure a static IP address for the Faddom Proxy
          • Run the ~/configIp.sh to set up all the connected network cards and assign a static IP address to the VM.

  5. For Windows, you set the network settings through the Network Properties screen
  6. Return to the Faddom Server UI to the Proxy Configuration screen and refresh the screen to verify that the new proxy server has successfully connected to the Faddom Server.


Locating Faddom log files on the Proxy Virtual Appliance:

The Faddom Server and Proxy log files can be accessed from the Faddom Server UI from the My Account screen. if you need to access the log files on the proxy, they can be found at the following locations:

      • The Faddom Proxy log file can be found under /usr/local/tomcat9/logs/VNT-Proxy.log


Upgrading Faddom Proxy VA (Virtual Appliance)

When the Faddom Server version is updated, the proxy server will automatically update itself. In case you need to manually upgrade the proxy server, you can use the following steps:

Transfer the upgrade file to the Virtual Appliance, and then login via SSH and run the following command rpm -U VNTDiscoverProxyUpgrade-<version>.x86_64

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