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Server Installation - Proxy Installation

Follow the steps to deploy a Faddom Proxy as a virtual appliance in a VMWare environment.

The Faddom Proxy Virtual Appliance includes a Network Sensor that can be used to capture network traffic.


Installation process:

  1. Make sure you have a Faddom Server deployed and running.
  2. Log into the Faddom Server web UI and open Getting Started (Can be located under Help)
  3. Select the Proxy Configuration step. If this step is not available, please contact Faddom support to get a license that supports installing proxy servers.
  4. Note the proxy authentication key and the address of the Faddom server, You will need these to configure your proxy server.
  5. Deploy the Faddom Proxy Appliance OVF Template to a VMware ESX Server.
  6. Login to the machine with default credentials: root/admin.
  7. On the first login, the ~/configProxy.sh script will be run to set up the proxy. This can also be manually executed later if needed.
    1. Enter the ip address of the Faddom Server
    2. Enter a name for this proxy - this is how this proxy will appear in the Faddom UI
    3. Enter the proxy authentication key from Step 4
  8. Optional: Configure a static IP address for the Faddom Proxy
      • Run the ~/configIp.sh to set up all the connected network cards and assign a static IP address to the VM.
  9. Return to the Faddom Server UI to the Proxy Configuration step of the Getting Started guide.
  10. Refresh the screen to verify that the new proxy server has successfully connected to the Faddom Server.

Locating Faddom log files on the Proxy Virtual Appliance:

The Faddom Server and Proxy log files can be accessed from the Faddom Server UI from the About screen. Open Help -> About and select Server Log to open the log viewer screen.

If you need to access the log files on the proxy, they can be found at the following locations:

  • The Faddom Proxy log file can be found under /usr/local/tomcat9/logs/IlluminIT-Proxy.log
  • All other Faddom log files can be found under /var/log/illuminit


Faddom components installation locations

Faddom Proxy Tomcat Application Server is installed under /usr/local/tomcat9

Faddom Network Sensor is installed under /opt/illuminit/networksensor


Restarting Faddom components

To restart, stop or start the Faddom Proxy, use systemctl restart/stop/start tomcat.

To restart, stop or start the Faddom Network Sensor service, use systemctl restart/stop/start networksensor


Upgrading Faddom Proxy VA (Virtual Appliance)

When the Faddom Server version is updated, the proxy server will automatically update itself. In case you need to manually upgrade the proxy server, you can use the following steps:

Transfer the ‘rpm’ upgrade file to the Virtual Appliance, and then type, in the Virtual Server console:

rpm -U VNTDiscoverProxyUpgrade-<version>.x86_64

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