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How To Integrate My Kubernetes Cluster With Faddom?

To let Faddom connect to a Kubernetes cluster, you need to provide a kubeconfig file to allow access to the cluster APIs.

Note that when you provide a config file, that file should preferably not contain references to other files on the files system. For example, you should use the client-certificate-data field to embed the certificate data in the file instead of using the client-certificate field which references an external file.
Once you have added a configuration file, Faddom should be able to access the Kubernetes APIs to add information on the services running on that cluster.
In addition to API access to the cluster, it is recommended to send Faddom traffic from the Kubernetes nodes so that it can map all of the internal connections inside the cluster.
The easiest way to do this is to install the host sFlow agent on the nodes and set it up to send the sFlow traffic to Faddom.
For details on using host sFlow, see here:
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