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Troubleshooting Proxy Error Messages

In some cases, you may get a proxy error message in Faddom, even if you do not have an additional proxy server. Here are some steps to try and resolve this issue:


Local Proxy Connections

If the proxy is a local proxy (IP address 127.0.01), it may lose the connection with the server due to something like a reset of the proxy authentication key. To resolve this try the following:

Linux Installations

Connect to the server using SSH and run the command:

sudo /opt/illuminit/registerLocalProxy.sh

In most cases, this should resolve the issue.

Windows Installations

  1. Get the latest proxy authentication key from the Faddom UI from Getting Started -> Proxy Configuration
  2. Edit the file <InstallDir>\Tomcat\conf\vnt-proxy.properties and update the authentication key.
  3. Restart the FaddomDiscover Apache Tomcat service using Windows Services

Remote Proxy Connections

When you lose access to a remote proxy, this could be due to a misconfiguration or due to a firewall blocking communications. Start by going to Getting Started -> Proxy Configuration and check if the proxy appears in the list.

Proxy does not appear in the list

In this case, the proxy has not communicated with the server yet or has not communicated with the server in the last 24 hours. To fix this, connect to the proxy server and run:

sudo ~/configProxy.sh

Make sure the details are correct. If the proxy still does not appear in the list in the Faddom UI, check to make sure the firewall is allowing access from the Proxy server to the Faddom server over port 443.

Proxy appears in the list

If the Proxy server appears in the list under Getting Started -> Proxy Configuration, check to see the error message. If the message shows that there is an authentication error, you need to update the authentication key for the proxy. To do this, connect to the proxy server using SSH and run the command:

sudo ~/configProxy.sh

If you still have issues using Faddom, please contact Faddom support at: support@faddom.com


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