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Can I deploy Faddom completely offline?

It is possible to use Faddom while completely offline. There are some things that will not be available when running offline or will require different procedures to use. You can see the details below.


License Activation

When running offline, you still need internet access to activate your license. To do this, go to the offline activation section under the license installation. You will need to get your host id from there and then go to our license activation portal here. Once you have activated your license, you will get a file that you need to copy back into your network and upload to the Faddom server in the license activation screen.


Cloud Discovery

In order to be able to discover a public cloud environment, Faddom will need access to the different cloud APIs (AWS, Azure, OCI, etc.). If you cannot give direct access to the APIs, you can also do this through a proxy server. To configure a proxy server, go to Setting -> Parameters and set the Proxy Server parameter.


Cloud Pricing Updates

Occasionally, cloud providers update their pricing data. In order to get the latest pricing data, Faddom will keep your cloud pricing data up to date. If there is no internet access, you can manually download the pricing data update files and load them into Faddom. To do this, go to Optimize -> Cloud Sizing -> Settings. There you will have links to download the relevant files and load them into the software.

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