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Deploying Faddom on a Windows Server



  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
CPU Dual CPU/Dual-core CPU 8 CPUs/cores
Memory (RAM) 4GB RAM 16GB RAM
Disk* 10GB free disk space 40GB free disk space

* Recommended disk space varies and depends on the size of the environment and the retention time required for connection data. 



To install Faddom on a Windows server, Windows 2012 Server or higher is required.

Everything needed to run Faddom on the server is included and installed by the Windows installer.



A user with administrative access to the Windows server that you are installing on is required for running of the Windows installer.


Firewall Rules

While Faddom does not need access to your servers, some firewall rules may need to be defined to allow Faddom to collect data from your environment. For details, see here:

What ports need to be open for Faddom to function?



To install the Faddom server on Window, run the installer. You will just need to accept the license agreement, choose an installation folder, and wait for the installation to complete. Make sure you have enough disk space allocated in the installation folder for the database.

If you are installing on Hyper-V you need to make sure you assign a static MAC address to the virtual NIC.



After installing, you should be able to access the Faddom UI using the IP address of the server.

The user that will initially have administrative access to Faddom is the user that performed the installation. Additional users can be created later from the UI under Settings -> Access Control.


License Activation

After logging in, you will need to activate your license. See here for details: Activate Your License


Network Traffic Collection

Once the license is installed, you can configure traffic collection for your environment depending on what type of environment you have. See the different options here: Capture Options


Software Updates

To update the version of the Faddom software, please see the following guide:

Upgrading the Faddom Server


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