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Deploying Faddom Network Device Mapping on VMware




  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
CPU Dual CPU/Dual-core CPU 8 CPUs/cores
Memory (RAM) 4GB RAM 16GB RAM
Disk 10GB free disk space 40GB free disk space



To deploy the Faddom ova file, vCenter version 6.0 or higher is required. If you are using version 5.5 of vCenter, please install on Windows



In order to map your network devices, Faddom will require SNMP read access to your switches, routers and firewalls. Currently only SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c are supported.


Firewall Rules

Faddom will need to access your network devices over SNMP so port 161 UDP should be allowed from the Faddom server to your network devices.

Also, in order to allow users to access the UI, port 443 TCP should be opened to the Faddom server.



To deploy the Faddom ova template, see the VMware documentation on deploying a VM template: Deploy an OVF or OVA Template

The template requires some additional configuration in the final deployment screen:


Here you set the root password for console access to the server.

It is also recommended to set a static IP address to use to access the UI after deployment. If this is left blank, the server will attempt to use DHCP to configure an IP address.




After deploying the ova file, you should be able to access the Faddom UI using the IP address that you entered during the deployment.

You will need to set an initial password for the internal Administrator user and then you can use that user to login to the UI. Additional users can be created later from the UI under Settings -> Access Control.


License Activation

After logging in, you will need to activate your license. See here for details: Activate Your License


Network Device Mapping

After activating your license, you should see the Network Topology mapping screen.


Here you should click on Run Network Discovery to access the network mapping configuration. Enter all the relevant community strings for your environment, optionally specify a gateway to start the discovery from, and click on Run Discovery. The map should start to appear as the discovery progresses.



If you do not see any results in the network map, check the following:

  1. Make sure that subnet(s) containing the management IP addresses of the network devices is specified in the scan range field
  2. Check the firewall rules to make sure that the Faddom server can send SNMP requests to the gateway
  3. Check that the correct community strings are entered
  4. On some devices, the Faddom server needs to be added to a "whitelist" so that they will respond to SNMP requests from it.

For any other questions, please contact us at support@faddom.com


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