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Release Notes Highlights - v2022.3

Nutanix_XStack.pngNutanix integration

Collection of details on Nutanix AHV including VM details and performance data.

 🗺️ Network topology mapping improvements
  • Multiple scan ranges
  • Progress bar while scanning, including a “stop scan” option
  • Support for Aruba switches


 🔎 Service Discovery for Linux

Detect installed software and versions for Linux servers using credentials

SD1.png SD2.png

 🕶️ Show Migration assessment for server

Quick access to review the dependencies of a specific server without creating an entire “wave”.

SM1.png SM2.png

🚪 Filter out a port range

New option to filter a range of ports


New screen - “Shadow IT”

Identify servers that are not in use and could become a security risk


 🪣 Support Flow logs on AWS

Allow multiple accounts to write to the same S3 bucket

(No need to add credentials for each account separately)


 🆘 Direct access to Faddom Support from the UI


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